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The software and information technology sector is among the fastest-growing, most dynamic and important contributors to the 21st century economy. Products and services built on, using and delivering IT cover a vast array, are part of virtually every business enterprise from bleeding-edge start-ups to Fortune 50 giants, and generate legal issues, questions and challenges of commensurate breadth and complexity.

Calfee’s commitment to the software and IT sector is of corresponding import. Before the "dot-com bubble," Calfee was among the earliest firms to develop a dedicated IT practice comprised of attorneys with educational, technical and work experience in the software and IT sector. Over time, that commitment has expanded through our practices in IT Litigation, Privacy and Data SecurityIP and Technology Transactions, and Technology Transfers, along with regular support from Calfee attorneys in Corporate and Finance, Emerging Companies and Venture Capital, and Labor and Employment, among other areas.

We represent many software and IT businesses that are delivering new products and services and disrupting markets across healthcare, FinTech, real estate, education, construction, control systems, engineering, logistics, distribution, search, document management, clinical trials, strategic planning and management, insurance, marketing, communications, defense and other industries. We also represent more traditional business and industrial clients that are developing their own proprietary software and IT solutions and procuring and deploying the latest in software and IT innovations from their vendors.

Emerging technologies being created and adapted by our clients, from Big Data analytics to blockchain applications, fuel new business innovations and challenge the legal status quo. Our clients look to Calfee to help them identify and exploit new opportunities in the software and IT sector, while managing and minimizing attendant legal risks.



Karl S. Beus
Co-Chair, Corporate and Finance
John S. Cipolla
Vice Chairman; Co-Chair, Intellectual Property
Brad  Liu
Associate; Associate Director, International Business – China
Joshua R. Sanders
Vice Chair, Government Relations and Legislation


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