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Advising a nonprofit organization is unique. Legal advice must be practical and always keep in mind the mission of the organization as well as family, community, and other considerations.

With this in mind, Calfee lawyers advise all types of nonprofit organizations, including public charities, corporate and family foundations, hospitals, trade groups, social welfare organizations, social clubs, and political organizations. Calfee lawyers understand the legal complexities these organizations face but also consider the charitable, professional, political, and other purposes that drive them. 

Calfee lawyers work closely with nonprofit organization founders and leaders to understand what drives their mission. In many cases, we work alongside these founders and leaders from formation through dissolution. Along the way, we advise on corporate governance issues, tax issues, and health care issues, among others.



Joseph M. Mentrek
Chair, Estate and Succession Planning and Administration
Todd F. Palmer
Co-Chair, Labor and Employment
Leah  Pappas Porner
Partner-in-Charge, Columbus & D.C.; Co-Chair, Government Relations and Legislation

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