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Meet Calfee's Diversity & Inclusion Committee Members

  1. Kimberly (Kim) Moses, Committee Chair and Partner, Litigation practice
  2. Brent D. Ballard, Managing Partner
  3. Karl S. Beus, Co-Chair and Partner, Corporate and Finance practice
  4. Michael W. (Mike) Bowen, Associate, Government Relations and Legislation practice and Litigation practice
  5. Brandon E. Brown, Associate, Litigation practice
  6. Michael C. Campbell, Senior Attorney, Intellectual Property practice
  7. Kate Davis, Professional Recruiting Coordinator
  8. Arthur C. (Art) Hall III, Firm Administrative Partner and Cleveland Partner-in-Charge
  9. Gwen Gillespie Herman, Partner, Corporate and Finance practice
  10. Susan M. Kurz, Chief Marketing & Client Development Officer
  11. John J. McGuire, Partner, Corporate and Finance practice and Chair of the Hiring Committee
  12. Matthew M. (Matt) Mendoza, Partner, Litigation practice
  13. John A. Mongelluzzo, Cincinnati Partner-in-Charge
  14. Colleen M. O'Neil, Partner and Co-Chair, Litigation practice
  15. Joshua R. (Josh) Sanders, Partner and Vice Chair, Government Relations and Legislation
  16. Donna Shurtleff, Director of Human Resources and Benefits
  17. Jennifer (Jen) Torres Spieth, Client Development Director
  18. Ronald Stupka, Director of Office Services
  19. K. James Sullivan, Partner, Litigation and Chair of the Associates Committee
  20. Jaclyn M. (Jackie) Vary, Partner, Estate and Succession Planning and Administration
  21. Christopher S. (Chris) Williams, Partner and Co-Chair, Litigation practice
  22. Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper, Ex-Officio Committee Member and Calfee's D&I Consultant; Senior Managing Partner, Improve Consulting and Training Group

Calfee's Diversity & Inclusion Committee members, including our Consultant, Dr. Ellen Burts-Cooper, meet monthly; our sub-committees also meet at least monthly.

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