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Calfee was ranked in the top 21% of U.S. law firms identified by BTI Consulting Group as the core firms serving large and Fortune 1000 corporations. For the third consecutive year, Calfee was named to the "BTI Client Service A-Team" list. The BTI Consulting Group researches and publishes its annual Client Service A-Team list, which is the only law firm ranking program based on direct, unprompted feedback from corporate legal department decision-makers. 

BTI's 2023 survey results are based on 350 in-depth interviews with the highest-ranking legal decision-makers at large organizations ($1 billion or more in revenue). Per BTI's 2023 reported research results, 650 core law firms were identified as serving large and Fortune 1000 clients. Among those 650 firms, a total of 241 were cited by name in 2023 by legal decision-maker clients as outperforming all other firms in client service. By comparison, BTI's 2022 research results showed that 281 law firms were cited as outperforming all other firms in client service. 

According to BTI's research, client service delivery generally among law firms has dropped significantly over the past two years, after soaring during the pandemic, creating an increasingly large gap between firms that are recognized as providing exceptional client service and other firms. This year's results also recognize more midsize firms than in years past, as midsize firms demonstrate quicker response times and a better understanding of the importance of their clients' corporate cultures than larger law firms.

Law firms named to the Client Service A-Team List were identified as ranking highly in the following areas most valued in 2023 by top corporate counsel:

  1. Commitment to help
  2. Client focus
  3. Understanding the client's business
  4. Providing value for the dollar
  5. Providing practical solutions
  6. Fielding the absolute best team
  7. Offering customized solutions
  8. Advising on business issues
  9. Unprompted communication
  10. Anticipating client's needs
  11. Innovative approach
  12. Legal skills
  13. Quality products
  14. Meeting core scope
  15. Keeping clients informed
  16. Dealing with unexpected changes
  17. Handling problems

Calfee is proud to be recognized year-over-year for its exceptional delivery of client service, especially in a narrowing field of peer law firms.

The 2023 BTI Client Service A-Team list is the only source for measuring the level of client service solely from corporate legal clients' perspective, drawing on data collected in BTI’s ongoing annual survey of general counsel, which includes 50% – 55% of companies that participated in prior years. This approach provides for accurate analysis of trends in the legal market gained through 350+ in-depth telephone interviews with the highest-ranking legal decision makers at organizations with $1 billion in revenue while also collecting insights into new and changing shifts in the legal market. BTI's Annual Survey of General Counsel is in its 22nd year of publishing legal industry results.


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