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The First Alerts are organized below in chronological order, with the most recent Alerts at the top. For a list of COVID-19 Alerts organized by practice area, please click here.

EEOC Now Says COVID Screening/Testing Must Be Justified as "Business Necessity" (07.13.2022)

President Biden Signs Law Prohibiting Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Claims (03.04.2022)

Group Health Plans Coverage of At-Home COVID-19 Tests – UPDATE (02.22.2022)

OSHA Withdraws Its "Vax or Test" ETS; Moves Toward Permanent Standard To Be Issued Later (01.26.2022)

U.S. Supreme Court Blocks OSHA’s Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Large Private Employers But Allows CMS Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers to Proceed (01.14.2022)

Group Health Plans Required to Cover the Cost of At-Home COVID-19 Tests (01.14.2022)

Court of Appeals Green Lights OSHA’S COVID-19 Vaccination Rule (12.20.2021)

Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Blocked by Georgia Court (12.09.2021)

Kentucky Judge Blocks Federal Contractor Vaccine Order for Employers in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee (12.01.2021)

Fifth Circuit Temporarily Blocks OSHA’s COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate for Large Employers – But the Issue Is Far From Decided (11.08.2021)

It's Here! OSHA Releases COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard on Vaccination and Testing – What's Involved and What Should Employers Do? (11.05.2021)

Tri-Agencies Issue FAQs Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine and Group Health Plan Premium Discounts (11.01.2021)

New COVID-19 Guidance for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Requires Employee Vaccination (09.27.2021)

OSHA Issues New COVID-19 Guidance Following CDC Recommendations(08.17.2021)

Ohio Supreme Court COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Case – Amicus Parties Sought for August 4 Filing (07.27.2021)

Senate Bill 57 Offers Valuable COVID-19 Relief for Property Tax Valuations (05.13.2021)

USPTO Begins Free, Fast-Track Appeal Program for COVID-19 Inventions (04.19.2021)

PPP Deadline Extension Signed Into Law (03.30.2021)

President Biden’s First Days, COVID-19 Stimulus and the Year Ahead (02.09.2021)

The Continuing Quest for COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Coverage – Ohio at the Epicenter (01.28.2021)

How Low Must You Go? The EEOC Reveals New Proposed Rules on Employer Wellness Programs (01.28.2021)

Mandatory Vaccination Policies: EEOC’s Updated Guidance to Address COVID-19 Vaccine for Employers and Other Considerations (12.23.2020)

Significant Changes to the PPP Loan Program Included as Part of New COVID-19 Stimulus Package (12.22.2020)

Still No Deduction for Expenses Paid With PPP Loan Proceeds and the Future of Loan Necessity Questionnaires (11.25.2020)

Ohio Governor DeWine Signs COVID-19 Immunity Bill Into Law (09.17.2020)

DOL Issues Revised FFCRA Leave Regulations (09.15.2020)

Developing a Systematic Action Plan for Managing Revenue Risk Posed by Financially Challenged and Bankrupt Customers (08.20.2020)

SBA Issues Additional PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidance (08.10.2020)

IRS Expands CARES Act Retirement Distribution Rules and Provides Additional Guidance (06.25.2020)

New OSHA Guidance for Employers Related to Returning to Work (06.22.2020)

EEOC Issues New Guidance as to Returning Employees to Work (06.18.2020)

Congress Passes PPP Loan Amendments (06.04.2020)

New OSHA Enforcement Guidance for Employers Related to Reporting of COVID-19 Cases (05.20.2020)

The Small Business Administration Releases Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application and Instructions (05.19.2020)

Patent Troll Activity Increases in Ohio Midst the Coronavirus Outbreak (05.14.2020)

EEOC Re-Issues Guidance for Employers With At-Risk Employees (05.11.2020)

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board Provide Additional Details on the Main Street Business Lending Program Providing Up to $600 Billion to Medium-Sized Businesses (originally written 04.10.2020 and updated 05.11.2020)

Potential Help With Ohio Real Estate Tax Expenses (05.08.2020)

COVID-19 Update: Disclosure Considerations for Municipal Issuers During the COVID-19 Crisis (05.08.2020)

IRS Issues FAQs on Coronavirus-Related Retirement Plan Distributions and Loans (05.08.2020)

DOL/IRS Issue Regulations Providing COVID-19 Plan Deadline Relief (05.06.2020)

Breaking News: Internal Revenue Service Limits Tax Benefits of PPP Loans (04.30.2020)

Federal Reserve Bank Revises Guidelines for Municipal Liquidity Facility Program (04.30.2020)

What Employers in Ohio Must Do to Return to Work (04.29.2020)

Ohio Governor Revises Re-Opening Plan on Face Coverings (04.28.2020)

Ohio Governor Announces Phased Re-Opening Plan (04.27.2020)

Guidance for PPP Loan Recipients on Use of Funds for Qualifying Real Estate Expense to Optimize Loan Forgiveness (04.24.2020)

Calfee-Hosted Roundtable Discussion With Ohio State Senator Matt Huffman – Recorded Webinar (04.24.2020)

Boards Adopt Emergency Bylaws for Critical FlexibilityAgenda article quoting Doug Neary (04.22.2020)

Legal Strategies for Vendors Coping With Financially Challenged and Insolvent Customers (04.22.2020)

Additional Relief for Taxpayers – Updates to Notices 2020-18 and 2020-20 (04.17.2020)

Low Interest Rates Plus Low Asset Values Present Unique Estate Plan Gift Opportunities – Part II (04.16.2020)

Summary of Paycheck Protection Program Loan Usage and Forgiveness Rules (04.15.2020)

CARES Act Update: Coronavirus Relief Fund for State and Certain Local Governments – Application Deadline April 17, 2020 (04.14.2020)

DOL, HHS and Treasury Publish Additional Guidance on Healthcare Plan Rules Under Coronavirus Laws (04.14.2020)

IRS Update for 1031 Exchange Transactions (04.14.2020)

CDC Issues New Guidance for Return to Work of Critical Infrastructure Workers After Potential Exposure to COVID-19 (04.13.2020)

Commission Created to Settle Disputes Over What Constitutes an Essential Business (04.13.2020)

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board Provide Initial Details on the Main Street Business Lending Program Providing Up to $600 Billion to Medium-Sized Businesses (04.10.2020)

Connecting Clients Results in a Life-Saving Act of Generosity (04.09.2020)

Another Billion Back From the BWC at a Critical Time for Ohio Employers (04.09.2020)

Specific Issues Addressed in DOL's New Guidance Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (04.07.2020)

COVID-19: Governor DeWine Issues Order to Provide Temporary Relief to Commercial Landlords and Tenants (04.03.2020)

Explanation of Additional Guidance Issued by Treasury on CARES Act Paycheck Protection Loan Program (04.03.2020)

Information Employers Must Obtain to Substantiate Eligibility for Tax Credits Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (04.03.2020)

Excusing Contractual Performance Issues Arising From COVID-19: Force Majeure and the Related Doctrines of Impossibility and Frustration (04.03.2020)

Ohio Governor Extends and Strengthens Stay-at-Home Order (04.02.2020)

DOL Issues Temporary Rule Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (04.02.2020)

Low Interest Rates Plus Low Asset Values Present Unique Estate Plan Gift Opportunities – Part I (04.02.2020)

CARES Act May Offer Short-term Relief for Patent Owners on Certain Filing and Fee Deadlines in April 2020 (04.01.2020)

CARES Act Offers Trademark Owners Possible Short-term Relief on Certain Filing and Fee Deadlines in April 2020 (04.01.2020)

EPA Temporarily Suspends Certain Compliance Obligations Due to COVID-19 (03.31.2020)

DOL Issues Important Additional FFCRA Guidance (03.30.2020)

COVID-19: What Are the Options for Your Annual Meeting? (03.30.2020)

Tolling Order Time Requirements in Light of COVID-19 (03.30.2020)

CARES Act Loosens Retirement Plan Rules Amid COVID-19 Crisis (03.30.2020)

Additional Relief for Taxpayers – Federal Gift (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Returns Automatically Extended (03.30.2020)

Impact of Ohio’s "Stay at Home" Order on Construction Businesses in Ohio (03.30.2020)

Is the "SharedWork Ohio" Voluntary Layoff Aversion Program Right for My Business? (03.30.2020)

"Private Equity Braces for Economic Impact of Coronavirus," published by Crain's Cleveland Business (03.29.2020)

COVID-19: Effect on Obligations Under Real Property Agreements (03.27.2020)

CARES Act: Tax Considerations for Businesses (03.27.2020)

What Lenders Need to Know About Certain Key Provisions of Title I of the CARES Act (03.27.2020)

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 for Registered Investment Advisers (03.27.2020)

CARES Act: Federal Stimulus Package (03.26.2020)

The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (03.26.2020)

Relief for Taxpayers Affected by COVID-19 (03.26.2020)

Ohio General Assembly Passes Emergency Pandemic Response Measure (03.25.2020)

Will My Company's Coronavirus-Related Business Interruption Losses Be Covered by Insurance? (03.25.2020)

COVID-19: Recent Labor & Employment Law Developments (03.24.2020)

Ohio Health Insurers Must Continue to Cover Employees During COVID-19 Pandemic and Provide Employers the Option to Defer Paying Health Insurance Premiums (03.24.2020)

COVID-19 Telehealth Developments for Healthcare Providers – Medicaid Update (03.23.2020)

Quarantined Credit – Isolating the Impacts of COVID-19 on Financing Arrangements (03.23.2020)

What You Need to Know Now About Workers' Compensation in COVID-19 Ohio (03.23.2020)

Governor Orders All Ohioans to Stay at Home; Key Resources for Ohioans (03.22.2020)

Essential vs. Nonessential Business Classifications & Other Issues Related to Potential Bankruptcy / Restructuring in COVID-19's Wake (03.20.2020)

COVID-19 Telehealth Developments for Healthcare Providers (03.19.2020)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What Employers With Less Than 500 Employees Need to Know (03.18.2020)

COVID 19 Emergency: Update for Group Health Plans (03.18.2020)

COVID 19 Response: Programs for Ohio Businesses and  Employees (03.17.2020)

Calfee's Client Service and Business Continuity Plan (03.16.2020)

IRS Gives Employers the Green Light to Cover COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Under High-Deductible Health Plans (03.11.2020)

Time for Employers to Begin Preparing Response to Coronavirus (03.03.2020)

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