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The ever-changing laws governing the workplace have resulted in increased litigation, frequently in the form of class actions, exposing employers to possible multi-million-dollar verdicts. At Calfee, we are committed to assisting business owners, management representatives, in-house counsel and human resources professionals by providing front-end, proactive counseling focused on complying with new legislation, administrative directives, regulations and interpretations of the law.

Calfee’s labor and employment lawyers are available to assist in implementing  best practices  relating to hiring and firing processes, FMLA compliance and leave administration, employee classification under wage and hour laws, personnel policies and procedures, and maintaining and safeguarding workplace safety.  Our attorneys assist those faced with compliance reviews by OSHA, federal wage and hour investigators, the EEOC and state fair employment practice agencies, the OFCCP and NLRB investigators.


Our services include review and analysis of compliance in a variety of areas relating to the employment relationship, including:

  • Employment applications
  • Pre-employment assessments
  • Offer letters
  • I-9 compliance
  • Implementing post-employment restrictive covenants
  • Human resources practices
  • Employment policies and forms review
  • Fair employment practices
  • FMLA compliance
  • Leave administration
  • Disability analysis and accommodation
  • Fringe benefits
  • Performance, discipline and terminations
  • Pay equity and discrimination
  • Safety and health practices
  • Drug testing
  • Personnel and payroll records
  • Workers’ compensation claims and administration
  • Technology and communications regarding electronics, internet, email and voicemail
  • Office security and workplace searches
  • Employee privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • Affirmative action and diversity programs
  • Performance reviews
  • “Open door” policies for addressing employee issues and concerns
  • Reporting policies regarding claims of harassment and discrimination
  • Retaliation safeguards
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Union risk and avoidance
  • Discharge/termination procedures
  • Alternative dispute resolution.

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