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We solicit diverse candidates for on-campus and lateral attorney interviews, and we also participate in diverse recruitment and community outreach programs. Learn more about Careers at Calfee.

Calfee Diversity Mentorship

Through our Calfee Diversity Mentorship program, we identify a first-year law student and provide them mentoring advice throughout their law school career. The program also gives them an opportunity to participate in our Summer Associates program the summer following their first year of law school. 

To find out more about Calfee’s involvement in this program, contact Hiring Committee Chair, John J. McGuire.

Judicial Clerkship Program

We help sponsor minority law students in a judicial clerkship program, which is run by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. This program provides paid summer judicial externships to minority law students who have completed their second year.

To find out more about Calfee’s involvement in this program, contact Hiring Committee Chair, John J. McGuire.

Navigating Calfee

Calfee hires talented people who are at a variety of stages in their careers. For lateral hires, the transition into a new firm, or from a corporate or government environment into a firm, can be a challenge. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and get new hires integrated into the Calfee culture, so we designed Navigating Calfee for those attorneys who may already have experience and know-how under their belts but need assistance finding their way through the inner workings of the firm. This program ensures attorneys meet people in a variety of practice groups through formal meetings and informal social gatherings to give each new attorney insight into our history, experience and culture.

To find out more about Calfee’s involvement in this program, contact Associates Committee Chair K. James Sullivan or Professional Recruiting Coordinator Kate Davis.

Mentors Within the Walls of Calfee

When attorneys start at Calfee, each is assigned a mentor, someone who shepherds his or her career growth. These mentors are not necessarily in the same practice area but have an interest in integrating new attorneys into the fold.

We also have a small-group mentoring program in which our attorneys are banded together with colleagues at the same stage of their career and mentored together by a group of partners on issues specific to where they are at in their career progression.

To find out more about Calfee’s involvement in this program, contact Associates Committee Chair K. James Sullivan or Professional Recruiting Coordinator Kate Davis.

Leadership Council on Legal Diversity "Success in Law School" Mentoring Program

As a proud member of the national Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), Calfee has partnered with LCLD to serve as the Cleveland City Lead in launching the inaugural LCLD “Success in Law School" mentoring program in Cleveland in 2019, and has proudly supported the existing LCLD mentoring programs in Columbus and Cincinnati.

The LCLD mentoring program consists of both individual and group mentoring sessions. Attorney mentors commit to meeting with their mentees one-on-one at least three times during the school year, and mentors also commit to attending three group sessions with all mentors and mentees during the year. The LCLD mentoring program offers an important opportunity for Calfee attorneys to develop significant relationships with diverse, local law students during their first and subsequent years of law school and help support those law students' success.

LCLD has sponsored this mentoring program in 31 U.S. cities and has enjoyed great achievements with more than 2,400 attorneys participating across the nation. Calfee is proud to have had the opportunity to bring this program to the Cleveland legal community and lend our support to the programs in Columbus and Cincinnati. 

Helping to Establish the LCLD Mentoring Program in Cleveland

Calfee has committed to serving as the LCLD Mentoring Program City Lead. In this role, Calfee coordinated the inaugural Cleveland program during the 2019-2020 school year and continues to serve as program coordinator. With essential partnerships with Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland-Marshall law schools, the program has identified diverse law students in both law school programs and has invited them to participate as mentees. 

As the City Lead, Calfee reached out to other Cleveland-area law firms and corporate legal departments to identify mentors. There are 16 law firms in Cleveland that are members of the national LCLD organization and 11 corporations with locations in Cleveland that are members of LCLD, and from that large and committed group, we collectively have partnered to build a strong mentoring program for diverse law students in the city. 

Columbus and Cincinnati LCLD "Success in Law School" Mentoring Programs

Calfee lawyers in Cincinnati and Columbus have volunteered to serve as mentors to diverse law students in those markets through their well-established LCLD mentoring programs.

Calfee is proud to be the sponsoring law firm in Cleveland and participating law firm in Columbus and Cincinnati, aligning the national resources of LCLD with our local legal colleagues to support the success of our communities' diverse law students. Through our active support and participation of the LCLD mentoring program, we hope to achieve our shared end goal of successfully diversifying our local legal communities.

For additional information on Calfee's diversity, equity and inclusion activities and commitments, please contact our DEI Committee Chair, Kimberly Moses.

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