Mayor Frank G. Jackson Delivers His State of the City Highlighting Cleveland's Economic Accomplishments

Government Relations

Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson delivered his 14th annual State of the City Address at the Cleveland Public Auditorium on October 10, 2019 to a full house. As in the past, Mayor Jackson reflected on the City’s accomplishments and progress over the last year, along with focusing on the differing equity and disparities among the citizens of Cleveland. Among the accomplishments for the year that Mayor Jackson cited:

  • Cleveland's gross domestic product is up 16% since 2003 and the city’s average income is now over $58,000.
  • Per capita income grew 2.5% in the city, ranking fifth out of all major U.S. cities.
  • Nearly 40% of the jobs in Cuyahoga County are located in the city of Cleveland.

The mayor also touted the City’s investment in infrastructure. In 2019 alone, the City has invested $37.4 million in residential resurfacing, mains, and secondary roadways and allocated millions of dollars to parks and playgrounds and the demolition of 10,000 potentially hazardous structures.

On the equity and disparity gap, Mayor Jackson stated that the City must be productively disruptive and use economic growth only as a tool to reposition Cleveland. The Mayor praised the Office for Equal Opportunity, while criticizing the Ohio Supreme Court for overturning the “Fannie Lewis” law, the city’s ordinance that requires a portion of the city’s public works projects to be performed by Cleveland residents, which he said resulted in city residents’ participation in approximately $232 million in public sector improvement projects within Cleveland.

He also highlighted his Say Yes to Education plan as a part of his campaign to address the equity and disparity gap. In its first year, the Mayor announced that $90 million has been raised to provide scholarships and support for Cleveland Metropolitan School District students. The Mayor pointed out “Cleveland is a successful city, but it’s not a great city. A great city is one where everyone, everyone shares in prosperity and quality of life.” He went on to say, “If we want to see that kind of growth ladies and gentlemen, we have to put the work in.”

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