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What Is Lex Mundi and How Does Calfee’s Membership Benefit Its Clients?

We live in a globally connected marketplace. Successful businesses regularly explore business opportunities outside their own geographic region, and oftentimes, in other parts of the world.

How can my business expand to the global marketplace?

As noted in a recent piece in The Economist, the ability to trade on a global scale has continued to grow – but the rules that guide this movement can create serious obstacles. As such, it is no surprise that businesses that take this important step into the global marketplace have questions about cross-border mergers and business sales, the strength of their contracts in other countries, protecting intellectual property across borders, and regulations that could apply to operations in other jurisdictions.

Queue Lex Mundi.

How can Lex Mundi help my business?

Lex Mundi is a global network of legal professionals from 150+ premier member firms with deep insight into their local markets in areas that include the United States, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, and Canada. This allows for the ability to seamlessly navigate legal issues, business opportunities, and cultural differences while engaging trusted legal advisers.

Working with a member of the Lex Mundi group opens the door to access over 22,000 lawyers in over 125 countries. As a founding and active member of this global legal network, Calfee has decades of experience and strong relationships within the organization, which we regularly leverage to help ensure our clients have quick access to trusted legal counsel in other jurisdictions who can help them make informed decisions to better grow and protect their business’ interests.

How can Calfee help global companies looking to expand their business operations in Ohio?

As the Ohio firm member for Lex Mundi, Calfee is regularly engaged to help companies conduct business in the state – we’ve literally written the “Guide to Doing Business in Ohio” for Lex Mundi’s member firms. From corporate transactions, commercial and public finance and tax issues to business restructuring and insolvency/creditors’ rights, litigation, government relations, intellectual property including patents and trade secrets, antitrust, trade and export issues, labor and employment, employee benefits, energy and utilities, and real estate, Calfee’s lawyers have assisted businesses from across the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with their Ohio legal needs.Lex Mundi

Lex Mundi

For more information on how Calfee’s membership with Lex Mundi may be helpful in conducting business in the global marketplace, please contact Calfee’s Lex Mundi partners: Jennifer L. Vergilii, Co-Chair of Calfee’s Corporate and Finance practice, or Colleen M. O’Neil, Co-Chair of Calfee’s Litigation practice.

Calfee Connections blogs, vlogs, and other educational content are intended to inform and educate readers about legal developments and are not intended as legal advice for any specific individual or specific situation. Please consult with your attorney regarding any legal questions you may have. With regard to all content including case studies or descriptions, past outcomes do not predict future results. The opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of all attorneys and professionals of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP or its subsidiary, Calfee Strategic Solutions, LLC.

Non-legal business services are provided by Calfee Strategic Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Calfee, Halter & Griswold. Calfee Strategic Solutions is not a law firm and does not provide legal services to clients. Although many of the professionals in Calfee’s Government Relations and Legislation group and Investment Management group are attorneys, the non-licensed professionals in this group are not authorized to engage in the practice of law. Accordingly, our non-licensed professionals’ advice should not be regarded as legal advice, and their services should not be considered the practice of law.

Updates related to all government assistance/incentive programs are provided with the most current information made available to Calfee at the time of publication. Clarifications and further guidance may be disseminated by government authorities on an ongoing basis. All information should be reaffirmed prior to the submission of any application and/or program participation.


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