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Blog Post  |  03.31.2021
Calfee NOW Episode 15 With Congressman Tim Ryan 

On episode 15 of Calfee NOW, Raymond Tarasuck, Senior Counsel with Calfee's Government Relations & Legislation practice group, and Jamie Gregory, Principal, Federal Government Relations with Calfee Strategic Solutions, spoke with Congressman Tim Ryan (D - OH, District 13). 

Topics discussed included:

  • The events of January 6, 2021 and how it has impacted constituents, visitors and advocates interacting with their members of congress. 
  • The issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which of those issues he is prioritizing, and how he plans to address them in the next Congressional Session. 
  • Details of a possible infrastructure package and what issues will be highlighted. 
  • If the return of earmarks will help members of Congress accomplish projects in their districts. 
  • His role as Chair of the House Manufacturing Caucus and his plan going forward to prioritize manufacturing and innovation at the federal level. 
  • How the relationships formed over two decades in Congress will help him achieve his legislative goals. 

Calfee NOW Episode 22

Watch the full episode.

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