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CLEVELAND, March 26, 2018 – Steven L. Siemborski, managing director of corporate integrity monitoring for Calfee Strategic Solutions, has been accepted into membership of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors (IAICM). The organization, located in Washington, D.C., is dedicated to educating the public on the topic of Independent Corporate Monitors (“Monitors”) and advancing the use of and quality of service of those individuals serving or seeking to serve as Monitors.

Siemborski has more than 30 years of senior executive and board level experience in governance, finance, operations and strategy. He has led engagements to monitor, validate, or audit the requirements in consent orders between the Department of Justice and corporations. Siemborski is a frequent speaker on compliance, governance and the Three Lines of Defense. He previously served as Settlement Administrator in a certified federal class action lawsuit involving a leading U.S. lender and its vehicle finance customers.

About Calfee Strategic Solutions

Calfee Strategic Solutions, LLC is a national consultancy with offices in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Washington, D.C. Calfee Strategic Solutions supports clients’ interests and objectives throughout the country by providing a variety of consulting services, including: corporate integrity monitoring and consulting through Calfee Monitoring; public affairs, communications, and community relations; and Calfee Zoning, which serves government and municipal entities and private businesses in drafting clear, consistent and defensible land use regulations. Calfee Strategic Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, an Ohio law firm with 160 attorneys serving clients nationally and globally from its offices in Ohio and Washington, D.C.

About the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors

Comprised of 100 senior practitioners, the purposes of IAICM are to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring, to be a recognized thought-leader in the field of Corporate Monitoring, to make available information on Corporate Monitoring to the public, and to provide high quality, relevant information, resources and training to professionals and others practicing in the area of Corporate Monitoring.



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