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Single-family zoning makes up the majority land use in American cities. This predominant development pattern has crowded out other uses, such as multi-unit and mixed uses, which may have resulted in inefficiencies, higher cost of living, and racial and economic inequities. The city of Minneapolis has been a leader in the movement away from single-family zoning. Calfee Zoning's Sean Suder (Lead Principal, Founder) and Jocelyn Gibson (Senior Consultant) were joined by Heather Worthington, former Director of Long-Range Planning for the City of Minneapolis, for a conversation on the evolution of residential zoning in Minneapolis and her perspective on how it is working and her hopes for the future.

Heather Worthington founded Worthington Advisors in early 2020 after serving as the Director of Long Range Planning for the City of Minneapolis. Heather led Minneapolis’s innovative and groundbreaking Comprehensive Planning process in 2018/2019. Previously, she served as Ramsey County’s first Deputy County Manager, where she led the Economic Growth and Community Investment service team. With more than 20 years of leadership experience in local government organizations, including City Administrator of Falcon Heights and Assistant City Manager of Edina, Heather is committed to seeking authentic community engagement and leading racial equity efforts to strengthen communities that have experienced disparities and disinvestment.

Watch the full webinar recording. 

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