Mayor John Cranley Delivers State of the City and Describes the “Cincinnati Miracle”

Government Relations

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley delivered his 6th annual State of the City Address on October 23, 2019 at Cincinnati’s Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine to a full house.

In describing what he calls the “Cincinnati Miracle” Mayor Cranley highlighted the City’s accomplishments and progress. Since 2013, the City has welcomed over 1,000 new businesses and increased tax receipts by $51 million, with a revenue growth rate of almost 19 percent over six years, compared to a national growth rate during the same period of 12.6 percent. In 2019 alone, more than 2,300 new jobs have been added.

He also addressed efforts to reduce gun violence, expand transportation options for all citizens and encouraged Cincinnatians to build on his challenge to spend one hour each month by volunteering at their charity of choice. In outlining the City’s work in emerging as one of America’s leading sustainable cities, Mayor Cranley announced he is convening an Ohio Climate Summit in Cincinnati in April 2020, along with the Ohio Mayors Alliance and the Ohio Environmental Council.

The Mayor praised City Council, City administrators, community leaders and businesses for their work in lifting Cincinnatians out of poverty. “We continue to see our poverty rate decrease, down from 31.3 percent in 2013 to 25.2 percent today. That’s a total of 18,000 people who have escaped poverty in six years, a reduction of 19.4 percent, compared to a national poverty rate reduction during the same period of 18.6 percent,” Mayor Cranley said.

“The Cincinnati Miracle – growing by adding jobs, reducing poverty, expanding opportunities for all, reducing gun violence and improving the quality of our environment – is happening because we are putting our city’s ideals into action. I can’t think of a better place that is showing more promise than Cincinnati," the Mayor concluded.

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