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10.6.2020 - Episode 4 With Ohio State Representative Niraj Antani

On episode 4 of Calfee NOW, Josh Sanders, Vice Chair of Calfee's Government Relations and Legislation practice group spoke with Ohio State Representative Niraj Antani (R - District 42). 

Topics Discussed Included:

10.2.2020 – Episode 3 “Applying Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Problems in Medicine” With Timothy W. Deyer, M.D.

On episode 3 of Calfee NOW, Tim Day (Principal, Federal Government Relations, Calfee Strategic Solutions) and Jack Smith (Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property) spoke with Timothy W. Deyer, M.D., Head of Musculoskeletal Interventional Procedures, East River Medical Imaging and Assistant Clinical Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University in New York City. 

Dr. Deyer is also a founder of the company RadImageNet that develops artificial intelligence solutions for treatment and diagnosis based on radiological image data.  Dr. Deyer recently co-authored a paper in the scientific journal Nature presenting an artificial intelligence routine that diagnoses early stage COVID-19.  He discusses implementation of artificial intelligence in medicine, the peculiar problem of obtaining structured data in medical applications, and his international collaborations in pursuit of that data.  Dr. Deyer also discusses how standardization of medical data (e.g., via public policy) would advance the use and effectiveness of artificial intelligence in medicine.

10.1.2020 – Episode 2 “Practical Artificial Intelligence:  New Approaches to Development, Funding, and Security” With Jon Myers, CEO of DataShapes

On episode 2 of Calfee NOW, Tim Day (Principal, Federal Government Relations, Calfee Strategic Solutions) and Jack Smith (Senior Counsel, Intellectual Property) spoke with Jon Myers, CEO and Founder of DataShapes, a Silicon Valley company devoted to finding practical, portable, and light weight artificial intelligence solutions with minimal computational overhead for the analysis of unstructured data in real time. The solutions provide an alternative to deep learning algorithms that are not readily adaptable for field use in defense applications. Jon discusses his company’s revolutionary technology, national security issues in artificial intelligence, maintaining US competitiveness, and the current state of startup funding in the artificial intelligence space. 

9.29.2020 – Episode 1 With U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson 

During Episode 1 of Calfee NOW, Tim Day, Principal with Calfee Strategic Solutions, spoke with U.S. Congressman Troy Balderson (R-OH, 12th District). 

Topics discussed included: The makeup of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District

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